Queen Construction, Inc. was founded in Hawaii in 1993. Its administrative office is situated in the Kaloko Light Industrial Subdivision, Hawaii, where the company’s owners, management, estimating, residential management, accounting and administrative teams work in partnership to bring the highest level of professionalism, commitment, and integrity to its clients. Outside the administrative office, Queen Construction’s project management, field supervision teams and skilled craftsmen deliver decades of diverse educational background and on-the-job experience.

General Contractor
General Contractor Gary Queen has been a resident of Kona and a member of the construction industry in Hawaii since 1980. His broad scope of achievements in the construction trade is comprised of projects from the highest quality and most exclusive corporate retreats and custom residential projects to the remodel of luxury villas and condominium suites. He has extensive success with Architects and Clients from around the world, consistently delivering his broad knowledge of building practices, sharply honed skills, and initiative, resulting in positive completions and rewarding Client-Contractor relationships.

General Manager
In 2012, Andrew Queen joined the company, following six years on the mainland where he earned two college degrees, graduating with a BA in Business Administration and a BS in Construction Management. Andrew leads Queen Construction with his proficiency in administration and attention to detail in the role of General Manager. Andrew recently completed Queen Construction’s first LEED project, achieving a Platinum designation and exemplifying his aptitude in integrating leading edge technology and sustainability.

Residential Management
Queen Construction is proud to offer Residential Management Services, providing and coordinating the services that protect the value of your home. We provide for the upkeep of your home’s finished surfaces, especially important in Hawaii’s environment of tropical wind, sun and salt exposure. We oversee the maintenance of your landscape, pool, water features and exterior hardscapes as well as the residential services such as housekeeping, grocery shopping, vehicle delivery to airport, and home preparation prior to your arrival and close-up after your departure.  Our staff of quality craftsmen and trusted subcontractors provide quick and skilled response to every need. Our role is to assist with all Owner requests and to provide a level of service which meets the Owner’s specific standards, customized to the unique needs of the property and homeowner through on-going communication between the Owners and Residence Managers.

Carefully Reviewing Plans